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White Island, Camiguin


White Island

This is another never-miss spot in Camiguin Island. White Island isn’t really an island–it’s actually a sandbar. That means there’s no vegetation–once you reach the “island”, you will see no spot of green around, which is nice to the eyes, but definitely not the skin. We stayed there from around 8:30 am until 1:00 pm (the worst time to be on a beach) and need I state the obvious? I got burned really bad. If you’re thinking that yeah, naturally, I got baked because I was out there sunbathing, you’re wrong. Upon learning that there will be no trees there, I made sure to sit under a beach umbrella as the afternoon sun rose as an attempt to spare myself of the traumatizing pain caused by sun burn. Well, let’s just say that the noon sun is just too powerful and that no umbrella thick and wide enough could ever protect one from harsh UV rays. On the boat ride back to the main island I thought, well, hell isn’t the only place where people burn; one can burn in paradise, too. Ouch! (But it was a good kind of burning, in hindsight.) 🙂

Since the island has become a major tourist spot in Camiguin, vendors of food and drinks can be found there. Can be convenient for some who won’t bring their own food and drinks, but it kinda sucks if you’re looking to take pictures of the beautiful landscape. I suggest that their local government pay more attention to the cleanliness of the island as well as the water surrounding it in order to keep the beauty and pureness of the place.

  • Boat ride main island (Camiguin)-White Island (round trip): Php 400.00; minimum of 6 people in a boat; takes about 7 minutes per way
  • White Island entrance fee: Php 20/head